Welcome to part two of my BBHugme Pregnancy Pillow review.  Firstly ‘Pregnancy Pillow’ doesn’t really do this justice… it should be called ‘Pillow no one can do without. ever’ I have praised this long squidgy pillow countless times across my social media accounts for it’s ability to provide the best nights sleep. ever.  I used my BBHugme pillow through my third trimester after hastily declaring ‘oh i don’t need a pillow…’ ‘i’ll just use the ones on the bed…’ well, needless to say i ate my words pretty swiftly after trying this out.  The soft bamboo sleeve and teeny tiny beans within the pillow provide the softest and most helpful pregnancy companion.  

We were really looking forward to using the pillow after Wren arrived, and she loves it as much as we do.  I did however, buy us a more ‘baby friendly’ sleeve as the lilac wasn’t really cutting it after a lengthy feed! We’ve been able to use the pillow as a rest stop for Wren to nap on whilst i’ve got my hands busy, a feeding pillow, which helps my tired arms when she’s feeding round the clock, and a back support for her and for me… we really couldn’t use it more even if we tried.  Ultimately the most important use that the pillow has been used for is to aid with feeding.  We struggled with one side, positioning, height, angle etc; and since using the pillow to pop Wren in the right position, she’s able to get a full belly, an invaluable help, keeping her happy and me stress free! 

Needless to say, i’m really excited to offer the readers of my blog, an exclusive discount for BBHugme, a wee treat for you to save a bit of cash on your own pillow! It really is super worth while, everyone (as you can see) in the family approves, and you’ll get so much use out of it.  Please check out Part I of my review here, and click BBHugme to be taken straight to their website. 

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Have a great Sunday. 

Sarah x 


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