This week i received the sweetest parcel from Promptly Journals.  A diary of sorts, that documents your baby’s life from the First Trimester until their 18th Birthday; upon which you gift the journal to your child.  Now i’ve seen many, many baby books and diaries over the last nine months, and i do have one for to keep for myself, but i just love this idea.  

Jayne Swallow of Promptly Journals talks a little on her site about How and Why she came up with a journal that ‘Prompts’ you rather than an ordinary  blank page book.  She describes herself as a bit of an ‘organisational nut’ keeping a normal diary herself through her first pregnancy, but finding that the blank pages were too time consuming trying to get all the important details down.  She then tried mobile apps and Instagram in a bid to never forget the journey her and her little one were taking together, but ended up finding that ‘too much’ and being back to square one…  Now however, here we are, a second child and a brain wave, a way to document (easily) the milestones and important parts of your child’s life for the next 18 years. Easy and doable for all your children, so you’ll never get the guilt of not doing for one what you did for another! 

I absolutely love the idea and concept of these diaries, they are a great gift for you, or for an expecting friend looking to jot down the pregnancy flutters and thoughts.  I’m dedicating some time just now to jot down my thoughts on my pregnancy in the first few pages, before i forget, and before the next chapter of the next 18 years begins…. 

Sarah x 

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