Hi guys, welcome to my first post, post pregnancy.  Wren and i are sat infront of the TV, her rocking in the pram and me on the sofa, stealing a few precious moments to blog.  I’m hoping to do a birth story blog soon with a proper announcement, but in the mean time here’s a little sneak peak into the hospital bag that saw me though.  Firstly, there is no such thing as ‘A’ Hospital Bag… there is however, Hospital Bag[S] You could never fit everything that you and baby might need within one bag… unless of course you’re taking your summer suitcase.  I’m taking my Josefina bag, as the parent compartments can be removed making it a super slick over night bag for Mama.  Baby has his or hers own bag too, and i’ll reveal what we packed from them soon! 

Being that it’s most common for Mama’s to start their labour during the night, it’s probably wise to pack some PJs and slippers.  Noone wants to walk about a hospital in their bare feet, or sleep in a lovely open backed gown… do they?  I chose to pack a nice new pair of slippers i was given for Christmas that i’ve not got round to wearing yet,  they were perfect for roaming around settling Wren before nap time, along with a super size (like 5 sizes too big) night shirt, the shirt part is really important for breast feeding Mums.  The buttons made it real easy to access those tatas without fumbling round in the middle of the night trying to feed your wee one.  I also stuck in my favourite scarf, for whatever reason i like to have it with me at all times, it’s extra snuggly. and a hot water bottle, for any back pain pre and post labour, however, i can now tell you that the hospital wont actually let you fill it (health and safety) so make sure to ask them for a heat pack! 

Packing a few toiletries is essential.  After a sweaty labour a shower is a welcomed haven to get freshened up afterwards, and theres nothing like smelling nice and clean to make you feel better.   I packed some PanAway oil in a spray bottle, this acts like Deep Heat, it works to help sooth your muscles and joints and Calum used it to spray on my back for a few massages in the early stages of labour.  I also used it throughout my pregnancy and it’s been really helpful for easing the strain. I also stuck in some fancy perfume from Jo Malone, and my good face cream.  I didn’t fuss with make up after giving birth but a fresh face and smell is the best feeling.  I used Lavender oil in my labour suite in my diffuser which made the room smell like a spa! (ha) but it kept me really relaxed too. 

I packed some reading (and writing) material just incase.  I knew that births for some people go super quick and some go SUPER slow, (ours felt like the latter).  I’ve found that reading helps me relax and pass time, and i’m sure it would have been really helpful had i been able to concentrate on anything other than contractions! 

Some other essentials, are snacks and underwear.  Something that probably shouldn’t be in the same sentence, but i’m not here to drag this out.  People told me to get myself some paper pants for after the birth.  That did not happen. I packed some big comfy cotton ones (which were totally fine) along with a good maternity bra and some breast pads.  All comfy, all soft, and all tiny little things that will make  you feel human again.    The snacks, obviously not just for me, but it’s nice to pack some things for your birth partner too, remember they’re in this with you.  Calum and i had some high energy snacks, along with some personal faves ready to take in and we munched the lot over the two days we were in! 

Lastly, i took my BBHugme pregnancy pillow, you just try and stop me taking this anywhere where there is a bed. I also downloaded some labour music to have on hand to played it in the pool and labour ward.  It really helped me in my breathing classes and birth.

Now i guess that’s it.  If anyone has any tips on any extras to take, please add in the comments.  Hopefully this will help some of you wondering just what to take, and one point i will make, other than the mags, we used every bit of stuff in this post!!

Have a great Monday. 

Sarah x 


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