If you follow me over on Instagram, you’ll have seen that i got the most treasured gift from BBHugme last week.  When they got in touch to offer me one of their pregnancy pillows i jumped at the chance to have one! I’d been entering every Instagram competition possible in order to get my hands on one and when they got in touch, it was a dream come true.  If you own one of these pillows, you’ll know why i’m expressing the amateur dramatics, and agree when i say, they are every pregnant woman’s answer to a good nights sleep.  

BBhugme was originally developed by three Norwegian chiropractors, all female and working in close collaboration with award-winning K8 Industrial design.

Between the three of them they have many years experience as chiropractors and have given  thousands of treatments to pregnant women and women with newborn babies.  After discovering for themselves that 9/10 woman experience some sort of pain in their back during the nine months of pregnancy (which btw is really ten if you think about it) they decided to act.   The back pain pregnant woman experience can be replaced by neck pain and shoulder pain after having given birth, due to the feeding positions adopted by mothers and lets face it, they need to be pain free for all the love they need to give their babies.   

These wondrous women developed this pillow so their clients not only would have the relief on their visits to see them but also in the home, and i have them to thank whole heartedly for the week of blissful, comfortable sleep i have had, which 2 weeks ago seemed a million miles away at 36 weeks pregnant with a back to back baby!! 

Not only has this pillow got the needs of the Mama answered but as soon as baby is here, they can start using it too.  I can’t wait to show you how we incorporate our pillow in to our nursing life with baby, for feeding and for napping… if i can prize it away from Poppy that is. 😉 

Please do follow this link and take a look for yourself, whether your pregnant or looking for something to make feeding time a bit easier on your back and neck… Heck, even if you’re not pregnant at all and you’re just looking for a comfortable nights sleep, take a look!! There are some great colours for covers and pebbles available, when baby comes we’ll be choosing another. 

Sarah x 


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