Hello, and welcome back!! I’ve had a slightly longer hiatus than i had planned, but as it turns out, being pregnant is quite hard work! Now, however, i am officially on Maternity Leave and have a bunch of time on my hands, for the next 4 weeks or so anyway, so i am back with some new planned posts and some sneaky peaks into the nesting currently taking place around here. 

We’ve just finished the Nursery, which really we wont need to use straight away but it’s so nice to have it all ready, and we both just walk in and out of here daily imagining who will be occupying it soon.  I’d like to take some of the credit for the way this room looks, but really i can’t.  Calum has plastered, painted, fitted, built and finished this room himself, i just picked the stuff to go in it.  I will never stop appreciating how handy my husband is. 

We’ve tried to keep the room as neutral as possible, being that we don’t know the sex of the baby it’s always easy to go with white, cream, grey, or any colour you can develop and add to for a boy or a girl.  

We’ve also tried to keep the toys and accessories simple and natural. These little  rollers are made from natural wood, with soft white details and non toxic paint, so perfect for chewing (haha).   Eventually, these will be great for learning ‘pushing’ and ‘pulling’ but thats surely a while off yet… surely. The toys here are from Pinch Toys check out their Instagram here too. 

We’ve heard so many good things about the Sleepyhead Deluxe, and i’m really excited to use it.  A lot of my new Mum friends have sworn by these for getting their babes to sleep, the cushion soft walls mean that baby can lay flat on their back or on their tummy without rolling off, so you can have them snoozing right next to you on the sofa whilst you enjoy a cuppa… which will most likely be cold because it took you so long to get them to snooze in the first place.  The Sleepyhead is also great for when you move baby into their own room and cot, it gets them used to their own space, without giving them too much to roll into the bars. 

Dummies, or pacifiers have always been something that i’ve been apprehensive about, there are so many myths and rumours about the sins of using them but i think all come from people who maybe haven’t had to use them. Funny that huh?   So we’ve stocked up on a couple, just incase, and plan to use them very responsibly. These ones are from Natursutten, a Danish design made in Italy from natural rubber, BPA free, and available in lots of sizes.  The round base in this design gently touches the tip on babies nose, simulating the nudge of boob from mum for breast fed babies.  This style is the Orthodontic style which is great to adapt to the natural movements of the babies mouth.  

The first part of our pram delivery is sat upstairs in the Nursery.  The actual pram is at my Parents, not that we’re superstitious at all… but having the pram there means i wont be tempted to run it up and down the street, practicing being Mummy.  Our whole set is from Mamas and Papas, The Armadillo Flip XT coming with car seat, buggy, pram and most importantly… cup holder.   The set all matches and looks super slick with the mustard blanket we’ve picked up from Repose which i loved so much, i bought two after i found out the lovely BonTot stocks them right in Edinburgh. 

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for some more frequent posts. 

Sarah x 


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