Hey again,  i thought i’d treat you all to some of the cuteness that happened last Wednesday at our first Edinburgh Mums Meet up.  But first of all, i’m going to tell you a little bit about how it came about;  Since i found out i was pregnant i have been scouring the web and Instagram for ways to reach out and find other mums near me to befriend.  Haha, it sounds weird, but i’ve heard how isolating becoming a new parent can be and i wanted to make sure that i was surrounding myself with supportive mums and people i would come to call friends.  

I found the Crafted Sisterhood blog online and on Instagram and i loved what they were about.  Setting up meetings with mums and their babies, enjoying shandy’s and cake, coffee and chips, regularly, in order to make sure that none of them ever feel alone.  The blog itself contains inspiring birth  stories, recipes and parenting advice written by real mamas with real time babes.  Which brings me to how we managed to set up our own Edinburgh addition to the Crafted Sisterhood movement.  

I ‘met’ Megan from Bramble Bites on Instagram a while ago, and started following her great ideas for baby and toddler meal times, we got to tagging and chatting through each others photos and not long after we got my BFF Sophie involved.  Not too long after that, we started to discuss with Jody, creator of the Crafted Sisterhood about an Edinburgh meet, as we soon realised that we were too far away to join in hers! 

Jody helped us set up an instagram messaging group, which quickly led to a Wats App messaging group that very quickly came up with a time and place for us all to meet.  

The destination was Babies and Bumps Cafe located in Morningside in Edinburgh.   Sophie had visited before and it seemed perfect for our get together.  It was.  If you haven’t visited, then you definitely should and take your little ones along, there is plenty to keep them occupied whilst you sit and enjoy a coffee and home made slice of cake!  Mamas came from far (Dundee) and wide (Glasgow) to meet up with us and we had the best time, i only wish i had my own little one with me, as i was the only one sporting a bump, haha.  The next time we set one up, will hopefully be for mid June/July and i will for sure have them with me then.  

If any of you reading this have babies, or toddlers, or you know someone who is in need of some mum chat, then please get in touch.  We’d love to have you join in with our meets, and trust me, these girls are a hoot, hilarious and witty.  A complete pleasure to have met, and people i now consider to be friends, and bonus, we talk daily! Its such a great support system, and one i encourage any new mum to pursue. 

Sarah x 


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