Hello, now it’s been all over the TV, moonpig ads, funky pigeon, you name it, there’s really no way you could miss it.  Mothers Day, or Mothering Sunday is this Sunday, March 6th… for those still unaware! Now I think we can all agree that mums are great, along with everything they do for us, every bit of advice, support and each telling off only moulds us into who we are today.  I for one, love my Mum, she’s the strongest human being on this planet, and I can only hope that I am half as strong and supportive to my baby as she us been to my brothers and I. *Wipes away tear*

I decided that seeing as this day will also be partly mine, come next year properly, that i’d share some of my Top Mama Finds for you guys, gals, boyfriends, girlfriends and kids to get for your lovely Mums. So, here we go.


1. The Fourth Trimester Mag


Now I bought this for myself as have 1000 others as the first edition magazine supporting woman, through pregnancy, birth and beyond.  The idea is, that you get your copy, devour the pages, laugh, cry, relate, and laugh and cry some more, before passing it on to another Mama you think would appreciate a read… It’s a great way to bring Mum’s together, show support and reach out if you’ve got a friend or know someone who knows someone needing a bit of a pick-me-up.  I’d definitely recommend passing this one on!! Check out the Website and Instagram and get your mama her electronic copy now!!


2. Cult of Youth


What Mum doesn’t love Jewellery?!  Kelly over at Cult of Youth, designs the baddest Mama Necklaces for you to rock with pride, whether ‘Mama’ is a new title or you’re a pro at the game, her necklaces are flying off the shelves.  Check out the other designs she makes, as well as come bespoke work on her Website, and be sure to follow her Instagram too.


3. Mere Souer


Now I have a major girl crush on Carrie Anne, founder of Mere Souer and general Mother Babe, she is single handedly (along with a pair of tiny River hands) conquering Motherhood and bringing her Sisterhood along for the ride.  From printing and designing from home, she’s created a mini empire expanding by the minute, with some of the coolest products, clothes and bags around.  I urge you to shop here for the Mamas in your life, you wont regret it, and your Ma’ or your wife, girlfriend, sister, friend, will love you forever for introducing you to the Mama Tribe.

Check out the website here and be sure to follow on Instagram here.


4. Woody and Florence



How cute are theses little bracelets from Woody and Florence?  Made by Chloe and shipped out all over the world from her Etsy Shop these little dudes are the perfect treat for any Mama.  I just so happened to order this as well as an additional two with the date of my Wedding, one for Hubs and one for me… and he wears it! 🙂 You should definitely check this lady out for those little treats Mum deserves. Check out Chloe’s Instagram here.



5. The White Company


Now we all love a good candle.  This is a great gift for a more mature Ma’ or us preggos alike, cos we all know us Mamas to be miss out on most of the good stuff around holidays (thinking Booze, soft cheese and more booze) candles can barely make up for the lack of red grape, but atleast there is something nice for you to sniff while you’re in the tub?  The White Company do the nicest scents, and you can find most of them here.


6. Daniel Wellington Watch


Last but not least, a big ol’ hunk of appreciation.  My parents actually got me this watch for my Birthday, but you know what, if your Mum is really deserving of something that little bit more special this year, then this is the guy for you.  A proper treat that you and your siblings can club together on, or a treat for your loved one from your littles, cos lets face it, she rocks and deserves the world right guys? And ps. the thanks you’ll get will be totally worth it. Find some bargains here.


So there we have it. Six top picks for the Mamas In your life, I’ll leave you to mull that over, and you better not take long, there’s only 5 days to go.  I’ll leave you with this small piece of inspiration… Stay Strong and Mother Hard.



Sarah x



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