I’ve been knittin’ and i have just finished my first batch of wooly goods.  Three little hats, knitted for Baby from the softest Alpaca wool from We are Knitters .  I wont lie, they’re not perfect, by any means.  There are holes, small snagged stitches and large ones, but i made them, and i’m rather proud of that.  My Granny taught me to knit, what feels like 100 years ago. I had completely forgotten all the imparted knowledge until my mum gave me a refresher course.  She’s been my knitting guru and the first call when i’ve managed to drop a stitch or six.  She’s always fixed it right up and handed it back as good as new.  Saying that, Despite the errors i’ve made, i found the whole process of making these really quite relaxing.  I’ve since ordered a pattern for a jumper… i know, maybe i’m running before i can properly walk but i figure it’s worth a shot to at least try. I’m quite excited to dress Baby in something i’ve made for them, whether it looks flea bitten or not. 

Watch this space, i’ll have a bag full of wool and clicking needles churning out a onesie in no time. 

Sarah x 


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