Little ol’ 20 week bump… 
23 weeks.

24 week Bump 
25 weeks feeling higher and more prominent
Week 26… 

I started to really keep track with these progress photos when i turned 20 weeks, there wasn’t that much change until then really.  But over the past month or so, i’ve really started to feel the stretch and notice the weight piling on.  Although i sometimes feel like a complete whale, i know i’ll look back on these days and be really thankful that i took these photos.  Once baby comes out i know i’ll miss my bump and the warm wriggling going on inside it.  You really do begin to marvel at what your body can do, how your skin can stretch until it feels like its tearing, your organs squish until your lungs feel cramped.  This body of mine is housing my baby, helping it grow into a beautiful piece of Calum and I we’ve created together. I always thought i’d find it really hard getting ‘fatter’ but it’s amazing how your sense of self, your pride and your confidence changes when you become pregnant.  I feel like super woman most days, so proud of what i am doing, i mean, don’t get me wrong other days i feel as weak as a leaf, but most of the time i’m in awe of big ol’ belly.  

I guess what i’m trying to say is women are amazing, yes i know men help out in these situations, but for 9 months, and for the next 3 (oh my) my body will continue to give my baby everything they need to survive outside of my womb.  How incredible is that?! 

Sarah x 


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