If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that on both Saturday A N D Sunday we ate pancakes for Breakfast.  It’s the only days of the week we really get time to prepare what we really want so i thought, why not?  It’ll be good practice for Tuesday.  And it really was, we’re having them again tonight, and not even the savoury kind! Mwahahahaha!

The recipe i use is really a traditional Scottish Dropped Scone recipe, which just makes mini ‘Fluffy American’ Pancakes.  I used to made the skinny ones you can roll, but these are so. much. better.  So light and fluffy and downright delicious. 

To make 12 Small Dropped Scones :

Mix the following in a large mixing bowl-

135g of Plain Flower

2 level Table Spoons of Caster Sugar (i use Golden Caster Sugar)

1 Tea Spoon of Baking Powder (This helps the Plain Flower rise)

A pinch of Salt

Then slowly start to add in…

130ml of milk

1 Large Free Range Egg (Beaten) 

2 Large knobs of Butter (Melted) 

I melt the butter in the frying pan i’ll use to put the pancakes in to cook, this way there is enough left to add as a non-stick agent. 

Once you’ve got all your ingredients mixed together and all the lumps and bumps are gone, make sure your pan is hot, but not so hot that the pancakes will burn.  Drop about a table spoon worth into the pan and fashion into a nice wee circle (if you can) once the top of the pancake starts to pop little bubbles, it’s time to flip over.  Now, you can try and flip the traditional way, but i don’t like to risk deliciousness ending up on the floor and i use a spatula! Repeat over and over and over again…

And Voila, you should end up with 12 (maybe 10-11 as the first one is always a wobbler) lovely fluffy Dropped Scones, or pancakes, depending on where you are in the world! 

Now i don’t like to advise too much on topping, everyone is different, but Nutella works for me 

E V E R Y time! And if you can’t manage them all in one sitting, these keep great until the next day, heated up with a bit of butter and jam! 

Enjoy guys! 

Sarah x 

You can find a similar recipe on BBC Good Food here 


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