Hello!! Welcome back, and thanks to all those who have kept up to date with what’s going on over on my Instagram the past couple of months.  My last post explained that I would be taking a bit of a break from blogging over the festive period and early start to 2016.  This is purely due to the fact I was newly pregnant, moving house and still working full time for Lochcarron.  The decision was made as I was exhausted for the first 3 months of my pregnancy, (it’ll do that to yah) and I could sleep from the moment I got in at night straight through till the morning, not the ideal scenario for writing and constructing blog posts I can tell you.  However, the second trimester has brought some great relief, having now moved into our new home, which is great.  I’m now also 6 months pregnant heading full steam ahead into the last 3 months, minus the epic exhaustion, although i’m sure that’s about to return at some point. 



In the time that I’ve taken away from blogging, my outlook and priorities have changed completely.  Blogging about clothes, and my outfit for the day still interests me, and of course I still L O V E fashion, but it’s not as high on my list of priorities anymore.  For instance, the January sales were pretty non-existent for me this year, nothing would fit for a start, but I just didn’t find myself really caring, there was nothing I really wanted or needed.  Blogging about my* outfit kind of seems meaningless now, sure, I still use blogs and OOTD posts for inspiration in my own wardrobe and I’m going to continue to read all the blogs I do for that exact reason, but writing them myself, I was beginning to find it all exhausting.   Finding the time to get someone to take pretty pictures of me, decide what I was going to wear, buy something to wear.  Once or twice, I’ll admit, I only bought a piece of clothing because I thought it would look good in a post, I wore it once, and I never wore it again. I can’t afford to do that anymore. 

I hope that this doesn’t disgruntle you, or make you stop reading, please look on it as a transition.  Everyone’s life changes when they become a parent, whether they choose to admit it or not, and I feel so ready to embrace that change with open arms.  No longer will shopping and seasonal trends be up there at the top of my list, they’ll still be there for sure, just further down the pecking order. 


And with that, I do hope that you’ll continue to read my musings as a pregnant, mama to be, and there after keep updated with us as a family of three.  I’m hoping to introduce more lifestyle posts, of course some baby related posts, recipes and I guess some successes and failings as we muddle through this completely new and unknown territory.  There will still be fashion related posts, for me, for baby and maybe even for Calum,  they’ll just be less frequent and less prominent throughout.



*Please note, that what I have said purely relates to MY BLOG and MY POSTS. No one else’s.  I will reiterate that Fashion blogging and outfit posts are still and will continue to be a passion of mine whether it’s reading them, writing them, or shooting them. 



Thanks for reading


Sarah x 



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