Hello, how has everyones Sunday been?  Suitably lazy and slow i hope?  I’ve just finished a colossal pile of ironing and Calum has just stuck a pizza in the oven, no Sunday Roasts here tonight.  We had the laziest of mornings, eating more pancakes than we needed, watching the Rescuers in bed and not actually heading out to do anything until 1.30pm. It has set the tone for the rest of the day and we (or i) have limited Sunday night dread… for now. 

So i thought i would stick together a post of some of the bits we’ve bought for baby so far.  I told myself that we would wait till after Christmas until we bought anything, so yea, this is quite a haul for one month of accumulating baby things… and this isn’t even all of it! 

I spend alot of time, okay, maybe too much time, scouring Instagram liking and swiping through posts and photos from Mamas who have built businesses around raising their babes.  Some of which have been instrumental in supporting other Mums and mums-to-be, including myself.  They’re a big ol’ inspiration to Mums in work, or Mums working from home with kids, and i think it’s so cool that they’re able to combine being a mum (thee most important job) with their job that brings in the bacon!! First up are these two utterly adorable items from Cheerily.co Made from the softest of stuffs with the coolest slogans!  The play on words aren’t just clever, they’re cute, and cute trumps everything, always. 

For Christmas, Calum got me (on behalf of bump) my changing bag from Storksak and i completely love it, it’s very me.  Limited fuss, black and simply designed! It’s also practical from when Calum needs to use it.  No ‘Yummy Mummy’ cupcake bags he’ll be embarrassed to carry! Now, i’m sure the bag will serve us really well however i have since discovered the power mama duo that is Tiba and Marl who are producing some of thee coolest bags for baby supplies i have ever, EVER seen! So i think, maybe, at some point, i might have to treat myself to one… take a look a their site for yourself, even without a baby you’ll find yourself wanting one! 

We picked up our moses basket last week, form non other than Aldi.  Unfortunately i can’t link them in, but every so ofter up their middle isle, they have a sort of ‘theme’ and last week it was B A B I E S!! We managed to pick this guy up for less than £30, along with a couple of blankets and mattress sheets.  We had toyed with the idea of spending loads on a lovely rocking, all white, cosy nest for baby, but when they’re only in it for a short time it didn’t really seem worth the money we would need to spend.  Coming across this one was some good luck, so thanks Mum for phoning during the food shop to let us know it was there! Top Granny points to you! 

Too many toys already….
We had a little bit too much fun with the polaroid last weekend, painting all the walls in prep for baby.
Friends have been so generous already and my bff got us some lovely bits from Baby Gap! 
When is enough, enough?!

These gorgeous, snuggly, fluffy bloomers are from Sophie & Co. the lovely Sophie creates them all from the nicest fabrics and designs, and there are some great things coming to the shop tonight when it reopens at 8.30pm… i’ve got my eye on a Romper and some Sass Pants, i mean for them even to be called ‘Sass’ pants is the coolest thing ever!! 

The last, and perhaps slightly terrifying thing that arrived last week was our Moby Wrap.  You may think, how on earth can this be terrifying?  Well… unroll it, and you’ll see why.  It rolls, and rolls and rolls and rolls, for what feels like days.  I’m going to have to do some serious swotting up on how to keep baba safe and warm without them toppling out and rolling on down the street when we’re getting milk. I have also discovered Solly baby Wraps which have some really nice designs and actually look a little easier to work.  But we’ll see how we get on with Moby first. Have you tried any baby wraps you could recommend? 

There’s still a good few bits we still need to get, such as cot bedding and little bits and pieces to keep baba occupied in the pram.  But all that can come in time, and i’ll be sure to post about our pram and cot when they get here… in April. 

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend, that you’re well rested and ready to take on Monday like a Boss! 

Sarah x


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