Hello, I hope all of you are well, that you’re holding up under this ferocious weather and that you’re feeling suitably festive! I thought I would take a few quick minutes to announce that I am going to be taking some time away from blogging; not forever, and not for any specific length of time either, I just feel I need to refresh and revaluate some of the things I write about.  Since we announced that we’re expecting our first baby I’ve been deep in thought and anticipation about what he or she will be like, whether they’ll have my nose and Calum’s hair, his brown eyes or my blues.  I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve had to just think and dream, without documenting it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my wee blog and I will come back next year with some new content and new ideas and plenty to write about.  With a house move, a big interior project and a pregnancy to contend with, I think I should take some time before the new year to get stuck in as best I can in building our home and focusing on our family. 


So please don’t leave me as I am not leaving you, it’s not Goodbye, just See ya Later!


Sarah x



Photo via Pinterest at HonestlyYum.com 


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