So you might have noticed on Twitter and Instagram that my family and I took a wee trip up North in October for a short break.  We stayed just north of Blairgowrie in this gorgeous House, Holly Tree Lodge, named due to the huge tree in the front drive.  We found the house (I say we, Calum actually found it) on Home Away which proved great for finding family friendly get-a-ways in Scotland.  We chose this one, purely down to size, the price and the pictures,  The website made it look and sound great and we really weren’t disappointed when we arrived… come take a look.

There was a huge river running along the bottom of the garden, the boys did try to catch themselves some salmon one afternoon but failed miserably.  Luckily we had some back up plans for dinner.

We took a couple of big hikes up and around the hills behind the house with Poppy, working up an appetite before lunch!  It would have been nice to have some planned routes to walk, we sort of just winged it and clambered up through the heather and cow pats. A rocky yet smelly venture. 

Perhaps one of the nicest surprises was the simple yet super effective tree swing in the garden over the tiny pond.  We all managed to have a shot, Calum swung me so high at one point I thought I was going to smack into the tree, luckily or maybe not so, I just sort of let go, dragging myself through the mud and clatch.  I can only imagine how lady like I must have looked.

Each couple took a turn at cooking, so on our evening, Calum made his ‘famous’ chilli with home made (heated wraps) tortilla chips.  It was as it always is, delicious.  We ate so well all week, far more than any of us are used to, but I suppose that’s what holidays and relaxing are for right?

We took an afternoon to go into Pitlochry for coffee and cake, Calum spent £5 on a bag of strawberry bon bons for me, it didn’t take long before the whole bag was demolished i must say, but I promise I didn’t eat them all myself.


We took a long walk through the woods in Blairgowrie one afternoon, it just oozed Autumn, we really did get some lovely weather, i’m thankful that it didn’t rain at all the entire week!

We did have fun standing, for probably too long staring at the water hoping to see some salmon jump, and once or twice we did, but i’m told November is the real springy season to see them fly upstream.

On our last day, we visited a Whisky Distillery and Ian Burnett Highland Chocolatier for lunch.  I bet you can tell which one I preferred.  That cup in my hand is my second cup of white chocolate hot chocolate.  It was delicious, and I bought a bag to bring back and make at home.  

For a short Monday to Friday break, the highlands of Scotland should be at the top of everyones lists.  The price of our stay was great, the company was awesome and the things to do were both relaxing and interesting.  It was great to get some family time and visiting these parts of Scotland together really is a lot of fun.  The country is so beautiful and unless you get out there, you miss out on these lovely hidden gems.  I would highly recommend a visit to Holly Tree Lodge to anyone. 

Sarah x 


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