Well, the title kinda gives it away, but i thought i would do a wee post as this month, my blog turns 1! A whole one year ago i started Brass Buttons and Confidence from our wee house in Cupar, Fife. After humming and hawing for months about getting one up and running I finally plucked up the courage and gathered the resources i needed, which to be fair, wasn’t very much, and got started.  It’s funny to look back to see how the blog has grown, how the photography has changed and even how my style has evolved.  You can definitely tell the pictures i’ve taken balancing rather dodge-ily in my back garden with the camera perched on something whilst running the self timer.  It was a revelation when i got my tripod and remote for Christmas and i could finally set up my camera to get some half decent shots.. I still pranced around in front of it, strategically placing the remote in my pocket or up my sleeve, and i really think having that tripod took my photos that little bit further towards ‘half decent’.  With Calum working away from home, i don’t have a ‘photographer boyfriend’ a lot of bloggers are lucky enough to have.  We did try… but photography really isn’t Calum’s thing, bless, and there were more than one fall out when he just couldn’t capture what i wanted him to.  But God knows i love him for trying.  He’s always been my biggest supporter! 

 I have now been lucky enough (Super Lucky in fact) to have been able to work with Ellie, who really has taken my blog photos to the next level! If only she could follow me around always.  I really do have her to thank for so much, and i always love the shots she comes up with, she’s got such a talent.  

There were various occasions over the last year were i thought about giving up blogging, i didn’t think i was good enough, or i didn’t have enough time or that people actually wanted to read my blog.  How wrong i was, as i’ve been lucky enough to work with some wonderful Scottish and British brands, i’ve been able to showcase their work, visit their workshops and promote their goods which we all know by now, i’m really passionate about.  And i suppose the biggest thing thats come from this, is that Yesterday i found out that along with 3 other (very established) bloggers, i’ve made it as a finalist for ‘Best Blogger’ at the Herald Fashion Awards!!!! Which is quite possibly the craziest thing thats ever happened to me.  I’ll have to go to the awards ceremony in Glasgow in November along with all the other finalists across all the categories and keep everything crossed that we might be the winner! I’m so excited and proud of what i’ve achieved here on my little space on the internet, and if i can leave you with one thought to into Friday with, it’s always, always do what makes you happy.  If you don’t know what that is, find it and run! Because you never know where it will take you! 

Happy Friday (when it comes)

Sarah x   


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