Dressing up Autumn

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Now you might think, that's the cold weather in, time to layer up under yards and yards of wool and warmth resulting in completely unflattering shapes for all.  Well, i happen to think the opposite.  Autumn can be just as fun to dress in as the summer, and living in Scotland this Autumn weather takes up 80% of the year, so it's important to use your options and experiment.  I think this look is a great look for heading out for drinks with friends, catching a show, going to dinner, whatever it is you like to do in your spare time.  The culottes add a bit of sass, whilst not being as short as a skirt, they still expose your ankle, edging up the look slightly, without have your poor legs die from frost bite.  My sweater is a classic jersey roll neck, not wool, so less suffocating if the sun was to appear, and it has a great boxy shape, which i always think has a far warmer feel than fitted sweaters.  

Sweater - Cos Stores

Culottes - ASOS

Boots - TopShop

Wristlet - Gap

What do you like to wear to go out in Autumn?  Do you have a go-to outfit?  
I'll say goodbye for now, we're up at the foot of the Cairn Gorms on a family break.  I'll have lots of pictures to share when i get back, but for now, it's time for a scone or two.... Happy Tuesday! 

Sarah x 

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