Dressing up Autumn

Now you might think, that’s the cold weather in, time to layer up under yards and yards of wool and warmth resulting in completely unflattering shapes for all.  Well, i happen to think the opposite.  Autumn can be just as fun to dress in as the summer, and living in Scotland this Autumn weather takes up 80% of the year, so it’s important to use your options and experiment.  I think this look is a great look for heading out for drinks with friends, catching a show, going to dinner, whatever it is you like to do in your spare time.  The culottes add a bit of sass, whilst not being as short as a skirt, they still expose your ankle, edging up the look slightly, without have your poor legs die from frost bite.  My sweater is a classic jersey roll neck, not wool, so less suffocating if the sun was to appear, and it has a great boxy shape, which i always think has a far warmer feel than fitted sweaters.  

Sweater – Cos Stores

Culottes – ASOS

Boots – TopShop

Wristlet – Gap

What do you like to wear to go out in Autumn?  Do you have a go-to outfit?  

I’ll say goodbye for now, we’re up at the foot of the Cairn Gorms on a family break.  I’ll have lots of pictures to share when i get back, but for now, it’s time for a scone or two…. Happy Tuesday! 

Sarah x 


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