So it seems like all of a sudden, it’s gotten epically cold and super dark, i hope you’re all ready to turn those clocks back and get an extra hour in bed this weekend? I know i certainly am, it’s been one-of-those-weeks and i’m more than ready for it to be Friday already.

Ellie and i got these photos taken when it wasn’t so cold, and wasn’t so dark the other week in Edinburgh, mooching around on a Sunday afternoon.  This outfit is typical of what i like to wear in the Autumn, i love a good layer, whether it’s tops on tops on tops, two jackets or dresses over jeans, gimme them all!! This look was pretty thrown together, literally, but i kind of love it.  It’s simple, but it’s so comfortable and a perfect lounge-y relaxed weekend walking around doing nothing in particular.  The dress for this look i actually picked up from Zara the other week on one of those days that was minus freezing in the morning and 25 degrees by lunch.  I was walking around edinburgh sweating my boobies off and needed something cooler than my lambswool sweater ASAP.  This did the trick and over jeans with the slit up the side, it’s a great piece. My scarf is woven in Scotland by Lochcarron, and they really are the best of all the scarves,  if i could have one in every colour for every occasion, i would.  The fact that these are made right on my doorstep really is something special.  God love a Scottish brand when it’s this cosy and warm.

Scarf – Lochcarron of Scotland

Dress – Zara

Jeans – Zara

Olympus Pen – Olympus

You might also notice the little cream number on my shoulder…. YES, it’s an Olympus Pen e-pl7, Calum bought this for me as a very, very, VERY early Christmas Present as i really am getting great use of it right now.  He is a good’un! I haven’t had long to play about with it much yet, but i’m getting there, and love it so far.  Have any of you tried this camera?  Any hints and tips for me?

I’m doing a rather exciting photo shoot this weekend as well as getting my outfit ready for the Herald Fashion Awards so it’s al go, hope you’re all up to some fun stuff too!

Sarah x


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