There’s nothing better than wandering around Edinburgh, drinking coffee and eating too much thats bad for you, but, really good for the soul! What are Sundays for right?  Usually, you can find Calum and i mooching around Stockbridge at the market munching on dumplings and stashing peanut butter cake into my bag.  This trip i took with Ellie, as Calum was working but we stopped at the cutest coffee shop,  Filament Coffee, i’d never been before, but the brownies… oh the brownies where to die for, i could have sat there all day.  

After finishing up our hot chocolate and having a chat with the local Pug Dog, Steven, we ventured down into Stockbridge, our mutually favourite place to be.  I love the Stockbridge market, so much local, Scottish produce to be proud of and the majority of it is delicious, the rest only isn’t because you can’t eat it.  There are a lot of great stands and stalls featuring Scottish made soaps and lotions, jewellery, photography and probably my favourite of all… the dumplings.  I get these every time i visit, pork dumplings made fresh in front of you, with soy sauce and spring onions. Delicious! If you do pop down soon, you need to visit the Wee Pie Company stall too… i mean, i love a pie, but i L.O.V.E these pies!! What do you guys get up to on Sunday?  Do you have any typical things you get up to? 

Sarah x 


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