We all love it when we stumble across a vintage ‘find’ whether its an antique for your house, a collectable or a piece of clothing, there’s something a little bit special about finding something you never even knew you needed.  Thats how i feel about this jacket! 

 It’s a vintage tartan blazer, that also comes with a matching waistcoat…. how amazing right?   It has gorgeous silver buttons, all still very much attached, despite it’s age and every seam and pocket is still in tact.  I was really excited to pick up this Black Watch tartan, it was made by Edinburgh Woolen Mill, i have no idea how long ago, but you can tell from the label it was a good few years back! I reckon, because of the fit and cut of the jacket it’s probably 80s, that power look women had then was just amazing.  Women wore suits with the most amazing shoulder pads accentuating their figure making them look super powerful, and that, i love.  I always love to add some androgyny to my look, so this has been the perfect addition to my wardrobe.  I picked it up at The Scottish Antique & Arts Centre near Stirling.  It’s like a huge treasure chest, full of antique goods, art and clothing, it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in that area of Scotland!  Have you guys ever found a Vintage piece that was a real steal?  

Sarah x

Photo Creds to Ellie amazing as ever! 


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