Sunday, 20 September 2015

Top Ten Picks For The Home From Little Lies

After scouring Little Lies for hours, and filling, then re-filling my shopping bag with bits and pieces for my bedroom, wardrobe and walls, I realised it was clearly going to take more than one trip!  In a homage to my soon-to-be new grown up mortgage and house my husband and I are hoping to buy, I decided to pay homage to this life altering move and put together my top 10 picks for the home, straight from the stylish pages of Little Lies.  I hope you like’em!!

1.     First up is this bad ass Skeleton Print! How cool is this?  I’d definitely have thing hanging In the bathroom, or kitchen! A wee reminder to ‘Rock on’ before you leave the house in the morning.

2.     Next up, is this Skull Candle  (I can see a theme here…) I’m not saying I would light this guy, but I rekon sat on the mantle or window sill, maybe by the fire would give the desired effect.

3.     How cool are these Bookends?  Seriously cool thats how.  I totally love the colour, they’re sure to brighten up any shelf with their mystical ocean blues.

4.     I know, from experience, that a Trinket Box is something absolutely every female should own! I love this dinky little one, perfect for all my stacking rings, and great for stashing our wedding rings in over night.

5.     These Agate Slices , I love! They’d sit perfectly on your coffee table, acting as a coaster perhaps? Or they can literally just sit there and look pretty!  Guaranteed these would get some attention when pals pop round for a coffee.

6.     Now, these Geometiric Cases, holders and hangers are absolutely everywhere.  This one has to be my favourite though. Imagine two, either side of your fire place, or one either side of your bed?  How cute.  And you can pop a little candle in, which will be sure to glint off the glass and create a rather sweet feature.

7.     My husband is always telling me we have waay to many Cushions… ‘if I can’t sleep on them, what’s the point?” Well, to look pretty, that’s the sole point and purpose.

8.     If flowers aren’t your thing, and you struggle to even keep weeds alive, these are right up your street.  A set of three of the cutest Cactus Candles, which look super realistic, sat on a shelf no one would have any idea you weren’t green fingered.

9.     Stick your notes to the fridge in style with these Stone Magnets, all your memos in one place looking super slick.  You’ll never miss an appointment again with these guys flaunting your post-its.

10.  Last but not least, this jazzy Key Ring.  Perfect for keeping all your keys together, and a new set of keys deserves a new key ring right?

Have any of you scoured Little lies making a lust list?  Trust me, once you start you wont be able to stop, it’s the perfect one stop shop for girls looking to make their home and wardrobe as stylish as they feel!

Sarah x
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