It’s a good time to have four eyes.  And this will be the phrase muttered by anyone who enters iOLLA, the new it place to get your specs in Glasgow.  Before we start,  please direct your eyes to the first photo in the sequence,  taken by my new favourite person Ellie.  Ellie and i have been doing some work together and if you are following my Instagram and Facebook, you’ll have already had a sneak peak at some of her shots.  I can’t wait to share more of them with you, so please do stick around to see her amazing work whilst i flail about in front of her lens. 

Okay, so you’ll have probably seen by now from various bloggers that some of us were lucky enough to attend the blogger event at iOLLA Social in Glasgow, the new (and best) way to get your specs in Glasgow’s West End.  The lovely Louise and i went along together and indulged in trying on various pairs in different colours and styles whilst sampling the lovely food provided by Deliveroo Glasgow.  I did shove a rather spicy slice of pizza in at one point during the talks, i thought i was going to melt the glasses off my face!!

 The interiors inside iOLLA are spot on, and so are the staff, they really know what they’re talking about, and are clearly super passionate about supplying a chic eyewear brand at a fixed cost (FYI it’s £65 and £65 only) that anyone can enjoy!  Although there were hundreds of styles Louise and i ended up choosing exactly the same ones; the Patterson frame in Walnut Tortoise, what do you make of them?  After having them just over a week, i’ve had time to give them a good review and they really are of such a high quality and the delivery time is second to none.  One of my favourite aspects to the company is that the name iOLLA is particularly special, as it means “to see” in Scots Gaelic and perhaps even more special, is that each frame is named after a famous Scot.   Being the proud Scot that i am, i love this, and it’s another home grown brand that i’ll definitely be supporting whenever i need to update my glasses collection.  

Have any of you checked out iOLLA?  

Sarah x


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