Hello, Hello, how are we all this week?  I can’t believe it’s Friday tomorrow, this week has gone so fast, hooray for the weekend though – I’ve got some pretty exciting things happening, one being Calum coming home, so hopefully we’ll manage to get away somewhere for an afternoon of eating and drinking as seems to have become tradition on his first weekend home from the rigs.  

I’m also going to try and find some time to get stuck into this… The lovely folks at Farfetch sent me this book, the second in a series of three exploring the most unique and exciting design elements of the year. The book features a series of ‘Curators’ from around the world and delves into their artistic talents, exposing their finds, creations and inspirations.  For me so far, i’ve found the book really interesting, especially the pages devoted to Dundee, a small city in Scotland that has made it into this book along side the new design-focused hotels in Chicago and the emerging design capitals of the world like Taipei, Prague and Jakarta.  The development of the waterfront and V&A building have been included along with some great company with the book employing some of the best design writers.

  A really good friend of mine has recently opened a super chic wine bar there, The Wine Press. It’s about to be exposed to some beautiful architecture and is fast approaching the ‘model planned look’ we’ve seen in the newspaper and various exhibitions for the past few years.  This part of Dundee really is about to blow up (in a good way) and as Dundee really does hold a special place with me, i hope that opening up the water front and the V&A (when it’s eventually finished) brings nothing but greatness to this super creative and lively city. 

I’m really looking forward to finishing this book, and learning about some more creative cities and people.  I would recommend this to anyone looking for an interesting read on some wonderfully innovative people and places, and if that’s not your thing, it looks great on your coffee table. 

you can find this book here on the Farfetch website for £16.99. 

Sarah x  


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