Now it has been some time since i posted about anything remotely beautifying, but this stuff is changing my life, so really it deserves some air time.  I popped into Space NK a few weeks ago literally on my knees, weeping and begging them to help me.  Since i started going back to the gym and trying to get in shape, my internal self has been really accepting and getting on with it.  The external, not so much.  My skin was turning against me, my pores were bigger than i’d ever seen them, and my usually spot free (3 weeks of the month) skin was pink with blemishes.  It really is like the Clearasil ad and Vanessa Hudgens says.  You stress, you get spots, then you get more stressed, because you get more spots…. where’s the justice? Anyway, the angels in Space NK sent me home with this, a foul smelling bitty liquid that requires a good shake before you apply it.  Just a touch on some cotton wool after you’ve cleaned your face, acting as a kind of cleanser, but not.  As you use it, you can genuinely feel your skin tightening, pores clearing and the light in your life returning.  Okay, okay i might be sounding slightly dramatic but i think we can all relate to how depressing bad skin is, and how low it can make you feel.  I would recommend this stuff to anyone, anyone with over grown pores, oily skin, blemishes… the lot.  It’s like Ronseal, does exactly what it says on the box and in another 2 weeks i’ll be ranting and raving like the other 90% of women who tried it.  Seriously, do yourself a favour… check it out. 

Intensive Pore Minimizer- Perricone MD– SpaceNK

Sarah x 


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