As a quick Fri-play post i thought i would do a little ‘Interiors’ style write up.  It seems fitting as Calum and i are avidly searching for our first ‘real’ (bought) home together.  Yes we’ve lived together for a long time, but after we’ve bought our own home, we cannot wait to get stuck in and start putting our stamp on it.  You’re so limited when you rent, some landlords can be so shitty when it comes to painting and hanging pictures etc so we can’t wait to be free of the limitations where we can literally make up our own rules and paint and hang as much or as little as we please.  We are so lucky to be in a position that we will be able to own our own home and even though we’ll not be fully 100% ready to buy until late this year/early next, it hasn’t stopped me mentally decorating every inch of my made up home via my Pinterest boards.  I think from the posts above, it is clear that i have a certain theme i’d like to go with, and although i’m pretty sure Calum will have some compromising points to raise i’m pretty sure he’ll be on board with most of it! 

 Isn’t Pinterest just the most useful thing ever for inspiration?  I would pin all day every day if i could, and i use it for all major events, my wedding board was huge before Calum had even proposed.  And that, is the beauty of Pinterest, it allows you to be totally prepared for everything in your life, way before you actually have to be.  

What do you think of the styles i’ve chosen here? Would you have something similar in your home? 

(all images via Pinterest) 

Sarah x 


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