Yes this is June, in Scotland.  Welcome all, bring your scarves, your hat, and probably your gloves.  The weather has been somewhat horrendous lately, there is absolutely no sign of summer, or any sort of heatwave. Just rain… Good old Scottish rain.  

I wore this outfit for work last week, and it’s become a bit of a staple.  The trousers are from Gap as is my sweathshirt which i’ve also got in Navy.  They’re perfect for wearing this time of year, quite light, and if the sun ever does show it’s cheeky face, you wont end up looking like a sweaty mess if you’re caught out. I’m really enjoying Gap just now, the tailored trousers and tops seem to be catching my eye more than usual, surprise that everything black and grey, but at least i match the sky.  My belt is also from Gap and my jacket Zara, but i’ve had that for some time now.  I think worn together it makes for a pretty relaxed but smart outfit that you can wear to work or on a wee date night.  Changing up the colours wouldn’t be too difficult either.  The scarf, also known as my favourite thing ever, is the exact same as the one in my last post however this one is Charchol, so it’s a wee bitty darker.  Hopefully my next post will have some sunshine, and maybe i’ll wear some colour.  But i can’t promise anything.  I’m in mourning anyway, i just found out that all the locks are being taken off the ‘love bridge’ in Paris, so sad.  We can only be thankful we got to lock on when we did, i’m sure it’ll be a pretty historical bridge and i wonder what they’ll do with all the locks now!?

Sarah x 


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