Power dressing and please excuse the very very serious face in these photos, i was obviously ‘in the zone’. Anway…. moving on,  Dressing for empowerment,  Something that i think can be done by anyone in anyway.  Wearing whatever it is that makes you feel ‘Powerful’, puts a Sassy swish in your stride or a bounce in your step.  It might be misconstrued that to Power Dress, you need to wear a suit.  Well that might be the case for some people, but for me, it’s a Badass leather jacket, high waisted trousers and a pair of heeled boots and i’m ready to take on the world.   Go on, just try and take me down!!! 

These trousers are from A.P.C Paris, and i picked them up in a sale in Urban Outfitters a while ago for the bargain price of £50, they had been around £250 so really it would have been quite rude not to.  My leather jacket and boots are both from Topshop, You can find the boots here and BONUS, they’re in the sale!! My scarf i picked up in Paris one evening when it got a little cooler, and it’s great to have here when it gets than liiiiiittle bit warmer, too warm for lambswool, but not too warm for a bare neck!  Maybe it’s all the yoga, but i do like to feel confident in what i wear, and recently i’ve been feeling that more and more! Do you guys have anything you like to wear to make you feel powerful?  

Sarah x


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