Can we just take a minute…. where are my legs?!?

I think these are some of my favourite photos to date.  I think it’s the backdrop.  I’ve found myself being drawn more and more to derelict buildings or old industrial sites around Scotland as some can be even more beautiful abandoned than they could thriving.  A good back ground is important and i think that there is nothing more important than showing off great Scottish landscape at every opportunity. Speaking of showing off, the purpose of this post is to show off this beautiful wee silk scarf, by Craig Fellows.  I picked it up in Glasgow West End in the Shop of Interest on Argyle Street.  It’s definitely worth a visit as it’s filled with different designers old and new, showcasing some wonderful pieces, from art work and jewellery to of course fabrics and textiles. 

Now, the clever cloggs who made this scarf is a graduate of Northampton University, he produces award-winning textiles and print designs transforming his illustrations into beautiful pieces such as this scarf, which i’ve worn both on my head, and round my neck!  On Craig’s Website you’ll find a ton of special designs all with one thing in common. Bugs. Now i’ve never had a problem with creepy crawlies, so i’m quite happy to let these ones reside around my neck for now.  And i might even get my hands on some Butterflies from the new collection soon! 

Is there anywhere that you like to take your blog photos?  Have any of you come across Craig’s work before? Let me know in the comments. 

Sarah x 


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