There rarely comes a day when I don’t feel the need to wear black, but when I can add a pop of colour with a scarf (we all know how I love a scarf) then I think it can really make an outfit go from zero to hero.  This scarf is another that I picked up in The Shop Of Interest in Glasgow, you can see the other one by Craig Fellows I picked  up here.  This lovely silky  number has been designed by a lady called Morag Macpherson.  Morag, used to live in Glasgow, but now her and her textiles reside in Dumfries and Galloway in the lovely Kirkudbright.  I’m so glad that I found her stuff on Argyle Street, there were so many lovely scarves in the shop and I loved the colour combinations in this one.  All the designs are inspired by art movements in history, Morag puts as much research into the history of a design as she does the actual product, and I think they’re just booootiful!  This scarf is perfect for summer, I’ve been tying it round my neck, wearing it over my shoulders like this, or wrapping it round my head, which I actually did in my Barbour post here.

Scarves are a massive part of my wardrobe, it’s what I choose to accessorise almost every outfit with.  They are absolutely not just for winter, fighting the cold or a sore throat… there are far too many beautiful lightweight fabrics and textiles out there for them not to be worn all year round, wouldn’t you agree?  Is there one staple accessory that you always like to wear?  Any great ones you’ve picked up for summer?  Let me know in the comments.

Sarah x


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