Blazer- All Saints Shirt- Urban Outfitters- Similar Trousers- Gap Shoes- Clarks- Similar

Being pretty allergic to most fitted clothing, i generally find myself opting for lose items when it comes to clothes i have to be in all day.  This is a typical day-to-day outfit for me; basic, black and white, and comfy.  I love oversized white shirts, the longer the better, and the same goes for my blazers.  This one is from All Saints, and i love the fit and feel of it.  It drapes nicely down by my side and i like to have the collars sitting inwards instead of folded back.  My trousers are a basic cropped tailored pair from Gap which i reckon are probably one size too big, but i bought them without trying them on. Standard. Anyway, they compliment the lose fit and relaxed feel of this outfit.  I like the masculine edge you get from suiting up but making it look strong and feminine by adding a Bitchin’ red lip.  This lipstick is from Sephora and i picked it up whilst is Paris.  

Opening my wardrobe, admittedly it is mostly black, white and grey, with the odd bit of navy.  I just find these colours to be so versatile, they never date, they don’t do seasons or trends, they’re just constant – i can trust them all; and i love that.  Are there any colours that you feel totally yourself in?  Any that never fail to make you feel good? 

  Wishing you all a great week. 


Sarah x 


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