Can it be? Is it so? Yes, I am back with an outfit post just in time for May to end. I know i’ve been away for some time, but after the wedding and then Paris i needed some time to re-calibrate, take in the fact i am now a Mrs and in all honesty, get some inspiration and motivation.   So, i’ve joined the gym,  had a hair cut and a major de-clutter and i seem to have gotten my ‘mojo’ back. Hallelujah! Paris really did give me so many ideas for fashion and lifestyle posts.
 I am totally in love with that city, the culture, and the pace of life.  It was all i could do to soak it all in in the short 5 days we had there. When we got back i really didn’t feel like i could get straight back into things without making some changes.  I’ve really been trying to look after myself a bit better, eating more healthily and getting stuck into the gym and getting my ass to some classes and i must say i feel heaps better already.  Calum and i have also moved out of our house in Cupar for good and in the process we got rid of ALOT and i mean ALOT of stuff.  Everything from clothes, to books, to bedding, that we didn’t want/need/use.  It’s been great to really cleanse every inch of our belongings and i now feel ready to move in to our own home (when we find it) without stress of having too much stuff that is just taking up room.  So now that i’ve rambled on, lets get down to the point of this post. The outfit. 

My Waistcoat is from Zara and i bought it in Paris, you can still get it in store here in the UK or just grab it online here.   My top is a simple chiffon button down from Jack Wills, there’s a similar one here in white.  My trousers are from Topshop and my ballet flats are from Clarks (which btw are SUPER comfy) My Stole, is of course from Lochcarron in Steel and 100% lambswool, i’m constantly carrying this with me.  I like the simplicity of this outfit, i’ve been trying to focus more on basics and spend my money on lasting pieces that i will wear over and over in lots of different combinations; yes it might be completely black, but black goes with everything, right? I think the waistcoat adds a nice parisian edge and if the weather hadn’t been so unpredictable today, it would have been a perfect spring/summer cover up.  

I hope everyone has a great Friday and a nice chilled out weekend! 

Sarah x 


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