Bonjour! You might have noticed that i’ve taken a little bit of time out since the wedding, but now i think i’m finally back into the swing of things.  Our wedding day is now 3 weeks old, which seems pretty unbelievable, we’re still keeping the spirit going (trying desperately to drag it out for as long as possible) so when we got our wedding photos yesterday I figured i would share just a couple (and believe me, this is just a couple) Our day was shot by the incredible Ewen Forsyth, a local photographer who not only is your photo taker for the day, but a friend with a wonderful talent for capturing perfect moments.  I hope you enjoy this little sneak peak into the most incredible day of our lives, can you believe the weather?   

Dan caught this little number for us!
Thanks Kim for this beauty.

Have a great weekend. 

Mrs Sarah Ferguson



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