Cardigan- Peter Scott Bag- Yoshi Skirt- Urban Outfitters  Shoes- Clarks

You’ll all know by now that i’m really passionate for textiles, fashion, and anything made, produced and manufactured here in Scotland! It’s so important to support our weaving mills and the scottish textile industry, with such an amazing history and the use of cheaper materials and imports putting so much of it at risk, it’s so important to buy Scottish whenever you can! Always check your label, there are so many cons out there claiming to be all the bells and whistles, when in reality, they’re nothing on a quality produced product from a Scottish mill.  So, that brings me nicely to this gorgeous cardigan from Peter Scott of Hawick in the Scottish borders.  It’s made from 100% 2/30 Merino wool, this lovely blue is called Glacier, and the style, Traquair, coming straight out of Peter Scott’s Classic Collection, available to buy online here.  It’s so soft and it’s a great cover up for the spring time! Peter Scott have got some exciting new collections coming in Autumn and i cannot wait to get my hands on some of the wooly pieces! Have a wee look at the website and get a sneak peak of whats to come. 

Another little bit of Scotland i’m wearing in this post is my necklace, made by Folly & Desire, it’s a gold plated stag head, also available in sterling silver along with some other lovely designs on their website.  Folly & Desire belongs to Sheila Jardine.  Sheila worked for top UK jewellery companies before Folly & Desire and now aims to bring the latest design techniques and manufacturing innovations to the gift market. She’s Based in Edinburgh in the loft of historic Bonnington Mill beside the Water of Leith.  If i were her, i’d have a constant supply of Mimi’s cupcakes brought to me if i lived down there.  Be sure to check out come of the other pretty pieces on her website! 

Sarah x 


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