Dress- Urban Outfitters Boots- Topshop Bag- Yoshi Bralette- Urban Outfitters  

Oh my goodness, look! Another Loch! This time, i’m standing next to Loch Lomond, i pulled in on my way home yesterday for a quick leg stretch after hiding from the rain for over half an hour.  This was the best the weather had been all day, and i was so pleased that it cleared up and i was able to actually see some of the Loch.  The last time i ventured up this way, the rain poured and you couldn’t see two feet in front of your nose.  

This dress was featured in a post a while ago, when Calum took me to Edinburgh for my Birthday.  It’s still available in Urban outfitters (yay), but it hasn’t made it’s way into the sale yet, however bide your time and i’m sure that it will. It’s a really light weight fabric, really floaty and comfortable.  Thinking ahead i thought it would be awesome for wearing in the car on my long journey, but every time i stepped outside, the general public got a lovely view of my arse.  Not what i had intended for a busy day running around, but hey ho.  Atleast i had decent knickers on.  Moving on down my leg, we reach my boots, these guys are new, they’re from Topshop and i wore them out on my Hen Night on Saturday (which by the way, was awesome) i’ll show you my outfit from that night some time soon (spoiler alert- it’s also from Urbies) These boots are really comfortable, not too high, so i can handle wearing them during the day, and i love the detail of a missing heel, you get a little bit of freedom for your foot.  Go free heel, go freeee! The boots close with two poppers at the side, great for getting them on and off.  No struggling to pull. off. really. stiff. shoes. phew. You can just un-do the poppers and slip them right off! That brings me on to my bag…What do you think of this cute little leather bag from Yoshi?  I love it!! It’s such a great size, and it smells divine! I had been looking for a tan coloured bag for a while that would sit cross body, so i was really pleased when i came across this one a while back.  

Tomorrow is the start of Easter Weekend, a lot of you will be off work, scoffing chocolate eggs, me, i’ll be gearing up to make the favours for our wedding!!! So think of me while to top up on the calories, i’m eternally jealous! 

Sarah x 


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