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I hope you all had a great weekend, got suitably drunk on chocolate eggs and maybe attended a hunt or two.   I’ve been pretty good, i’ve had the odd Nibble from the box of Roses that appeared on Sunday, but apart from that, i’ve stayed relatively chocolate free.  I do have a wedding dress to fit into in 10 days, so i suppose it’s worth it. 

The weather has been SO great the last few days, i even saw it reach 22 degrees at one point over the weekend, which is complete madness considering i saw snow only last week too. I hope this is the start of Spring for reals, and the weather keeps it up for as long as possible.  Now, although the weather has been amazing, it could be 35 degrees and i would still insist on wearing black! This Top from Urban Outfitters is cropped, but i wasn’t quite ready to have my midriff showing, so opted for a white vest underneath tucked into my Topshop ‘Mom’ jeans.  The bralette, you’ll have seen before, it’s cropped up quite a few times recently, along with these necklaces too.  I am really into long layered necklaces this season, i really like the hippy/bohemian edge they give an outfit.  

I’m trying to decide when to put my little blog on hold, we have the wedding in 10 days and straight after we head off to Paris for a week.  I know i’ll have plenty to blog about when i get back, but i can see the next week getting pretty crazy.  I’m sure i could manage a couple more posts before i take a wee break but we’ll see how it goes.  I do hope you guys have seen some good weather, did you get up to anything fun over Easter?

Sarah x   


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