Last week, i visited Badger & Baird through the back of Summerhall in the jewellery work shops.  I was on my way to pick up this lovely Twig Ring, made right here in Edinburgh.  I stumbled across Badger & Baird on Instagram and immediately fell in love with the designs and multiple stacking rings in Gold and Silver.  I’m a silver girl really, so i chose this little silver Twig ring, which i’m planning on wearing on our wedding day, you’ll understand why as time goes on… I’d really like to get a couple more to stack on top, and i might even go for one with an added stone.  Each ring is made of either Sterling silver, 9ct Rose Gold or 9ct Gold, and the ones with stones are imbedded into a surround on the outer of each ring, totally lush.  As well as making these gorgeous rings, there are loads of other lovely pieces on the Badger & Baird website which you can check out here, my favourites are definitely the ones in the ‘Woodland’ range.  Keep your eyes peeled as

 sometime soon we’ll hopefully be working on a little Blogger event in Edinburgh giving a little intro to the Badger and Baird range as well as a demo on how the gorgeous range is created.

Sarah x


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