Jacket- Topshop Stripe Top- Urban Outfitters Cashmere Stole- Lochcarron Of Scotland 

ALOHA, Happy Monday, i hope you all had a great weekend and didn’t have too much Sunday night fear last night! I’m heading for a day in the office today, before heading out on the road the rest of the week.  I can tell it’s going to be a busy one! With only SEVEN WEEKS left till the wedding too, it feels like time is speeding up and before we know it, it will be the night before… I just hope it slows down just enough for us to get everything done! 

Anyway, this weekend was goooood, having Calum back and getting some visiting to grandparents done, going for some long walks with our newly wired-to-the-moon, dog.  She seems to have taken to the fresh air (aka Rabbit smells) a little too hard and will shoot off at any opportunity when she’s off the lead.  She’s doing okay, but we fear she might have to go into Rabbit rehab. before she does herself a mischief.  Calum has taken her back up to Fife this week whilst i’m working and he can get some bits and pieces done at our house up there.  I’ll see them both Friday, but i’m missing them both already… it’s been 12 hours. 

My jacket here is from Topshop and i picked it up on Saturday along with this stripy top.  Both purchased with some much appreciated Birthday money (thank you all) The jacket is lined with a faux sheep skin, but it’s still as cosy as the real thing! The striped top is from BDG,  one of my favourite brands at Urbies.  It’s got a relaxed fit, so was great after i ate too much curry tonight for the second consecutive evening.  Oh the Shame.   My Scarf, or stole as it’s known, is 100% cashmere and again is from the new collection at Lochcarron.  As soft as butter and i’m completely in love with the check design.  It’s got a classic style with a hint of the Burberry-like check everyone loves. Totally worth a splurge! P.s How gorgeous is the back drop for the photos today?

I hope you all have a great week, i’ll be posting some more of my purchases from Edinburgh later.  I could just do one post with a fashion haul, but it seemed much more fun to stretch it out…. 😀 

Sarah x 


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