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Good evening readers! This is a late one tonight.  The internet here dates back to dial up 1400BC, and i’m finding my already short temper and limited patience to be tested to the limits!  Anyhow, i again was taking advantage of the lighter nights tonight and when i got home from work before taking Poppy out for a walk, i snapped a few shots of the accessorise i’ve been wearing all weekend.  Some of which you’ll have seen pop up already in a couple of previous posts.   

The necklaces and bra i’ve been obsessed with since i bought them.  I’m not a fan of under wired bras, or bras that push you up and fill you out and generally create illusions.  Don’t get me wrong, i think they’re fantastic, with what can be achieved from bee stings like mine, it’s amazing, but they’re not for me.  I don’t find them comfy at all and i tend to stick to a bralette or crop top type things.  Urban Outfitters have a great range.  And just because your bra feels somewhat basic, that doesn’t mean it has to look basic.   This one has diagonal straps that come up over the top of your chest  creating a ‘V’ that can be seen with a low front top, dead sassy and a little bit ‘Shexshy’ 

I really am loving longer necklaces at the minute, i usually wear a shorter chunkier necklace that would generally sit under a collar.  But i’m quite enjoying the more bohemian style necklaces for spring and summer this year.  In fact, i’ve just bought a great dress that is exactly that; and i can’t wait to show it to you.  I just need to wait for the wind to die down, otherwise there will be some lucky people getting an eye full of my ‘Sunday’ knickers on a Wednesday! 🙂 

I hope you’re all having a great week. Oh and P.S, you know that whole…’Dog’s begin to look like their owners‘ -thing that sometimes happens?  Well, what do you think of Poppy and I and our matching hair colour?  Totally accidental. But i feel like we should definitely be included in the Park Scene of 101 Dalmations, in any future remakes! HA!

Sarah x 


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