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Whenever i see a sign for Portobello in Edinburgh, the song from Bed Knobs and Broomsticks always comes into my head, and i find myself putting on a rather embarrassing cockney accent and blurting out ‘Portobello Rooooad, Portobello Roooooad…’ whilst driving along out of Leith.  I decided to stop on my way home tonight as it was such a lovely evening, it was still light, even at 6pm and after a day scaling the streets of Edinburgh on foot, finding my way around i decided that a little stop off to look at the sea would be a good idea.  I always loved the beach in St Andrews, i could stand and watch the water for hours, whether it’s destroying the sand dunes or lying still as can be.  There is something super relaxing about it.  

I bought these shoes today.  I had another pair on when i left this morning, you’ll know them, my trusty, well loved black heeled boots?! Well those boots are sadly no more.  As i stepped out the car this morning around 9am, i stepped in a puddle… yes, the worst had happened, the sole of my poor boots and worn, right through to my socks, and was letting in rather a lot of water.  There really wasn’t any chance they were going to last the day with the amount of walking i had to do so i quickly ran into Topshop and grabbed these guys.  I didn’t even take the box or a bag, I put them on right there in the shop and headed off to work.  

Usually with Topshop leather shoes, i need to wear them around the house with 9 pairs of socks in order to break them in, but these guys were lovely and comfy and a welcomed treat for my feet ahead of their busy day.  I really like the masculine feel of these shoes, similarly to the brogues i bought a few weeks ago.  I did try to make them a little more feminine with a frilly sock, which i think goes really nicely!  

So, talking of Edinburgh, it’s Edinburgh Fashion Week next week.  Starting this Saturday with a wole host of treats, pop up shops, special discounts and much more, finishing off with the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show on March 14th. Are any of you going?  What events are you heading to? 

Sarah x 


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