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Hello hello, i hope you all had a relatively forgiving Monday, unlike me, who when out for a walk with the dog at 6.30am, realised i’d left my mums Mothers Day present under my bed… and i was yet to give it to her.  Guess who wont be winning Daughter of the Year any time soon?! I didn’t totally forget though, before you all shun me for being completely awful.  We did go out for afternoon tea on Sunday and literally ate all the scones. They were so good. We did get some to take home, but i haven’t been able to look at them, let alone eat them, i was so full after round one.  I also managed to come back from this walk of enlightenment and make myself a coffee… with cold water.  SO on the ball.  Hopefully today will be better.  By the end of the week, i’m pretty sure i’ll have gotten the hang of existing again, most likely, only to drink too much Red wine on Friday night and forget all about it come Sunday. Ach well. C’est la Vie. 

These trousers are from Topshop Boutique, they have a slight denim effect, so they feel somewhat like jeans but they have a stretch and are suuuuuper comfortable.  It’s still a little cold at the minute, so if you can put up with draughty ankles, these guys are a winner! My jumper is from Urban Outfitters, and i bought it with Birthday cash a while back.  It’s lovely and warm, and a classic cable knit design.  It’s cotton too, so it’ll be good for going into the warmer (but not too warm) weather.  The beauty around my neck is another one of Lochcarron’s Lambswool and Cashmere stoles.   It’s super light weight, very long, and deceivingly cosy.  These stoles are literally my new favourite thing.  They have the uncanny ability to transform any outfit from dull and boring to something with a little sass! I’m going to have to nab myself one of those ‘how to tie scarves’ books, just so i can take full advantage of my love for them.  I’ll be styling up a good few of them over the coming weeks.  So stay tuned for more wooly goodness. 

Sarah x  


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