Overalls- Topshop Bag- Topshop Blouse, old, similar- Olive

Oh look, it’s me, standing next to some more water! This, is Loch Leven, not far from our house in Fife, it’s got some great walks around it and i was lucky enough to get these photos when the sun was out, as yesterday, we had snow. Yes, snow in March, Poppy was less than impressed when i dragged her out the door at 6am for a walk.  She wasn’t her usual excited self pulling on the lead and was lagging behind most of the way.  Needless to say i cut it a little short.   The walk, not the lead. 

I wore some overalls in a post not too long ago in blue denim, so it only seemed right to have some in black too.  I’ve had these a while, but i’m only just okay with having my ankles showing now Spring is on the way.  The bag and the overalls are both from Topshop, the blouse is an old Urban Outfitters number, but with this time of year, there are polka dot blouses errrr’ where right now. I do love the wee bag, there’s just enough room for my phone, keys, a wee perfume and a couple of little bits.  It’s a really good size for a night out, so i’m thinking it’ll come in handy on my HEN NIGHT tomorrow!! 

I can’t quite believe it’s actually here, it’s all a little surreal.  My friends have all been super secretive about what’s planned, so i can’t even give you a sneak peak.  I will have my camera with me though, so i should be able to snap a few pics of what we’re up to, and you can obviously come see how drunk i am on Instagram or Twitter…. kidding. Or am I? Anyway, i hope you all have a great weekend, i’m off to pack for a weekend that i know nothing about.  Have you ever tried to dress for a surprise trip? No? Well it’s bloody hard.

Sarah x 


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