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So when i told you all i would be moving home to the borders, i promised views and scenery galore,  And i’m pretty sure i’ve delivered here.   This is Scotts View, just a couple miles up from my house.  It’s a gorgeous spot to come and just sit and enjoy the stillness.  It was a hell’a windy today though, hence, why in around 4 photos i’m holding on to my hat, in one, it did actually blow off!

when i was linking all this in, i didn’t realise that it was all from Topshop… ah the clever little buggers! The trousers are new and they’re right up my street.  High waisted, pin striped, and with roll ups! They were a little on the pricy side as they’re from Topshop Boutique, but they were worth it.  I really want to get my hands on the grey ones too, but they’re out of stock and i’m praying that they come back in! **Please Topshop Gods… Let it be so** This shirt, i’ve had forever.  Like literally forever, you know when you just have something that you can rely on to always look okay, always fit, and you always feel better wearing it?  This is one of those things.  One of my best friends bought it for me while i was at uni.  She sent it up from Brighton for my Birthday and it’s been in my wardrobe ever since! I don’t think it will ever leave.

I’ve also noticed from these photos, that i am in serious need of a hair cut.  My fringe is so long that i look like a heilan’ coo (For those of you not in the know please check here for reference)  Luckily i have an appointment to try out my wedding hair style on Friday, so hopefully i can get a quick trim in, otherwise i feel i’m going to start struggling with every day tasks that require sight.

So, Monday tomorrow. Yay.  Hope you all have a great week! 🙂

Sarah x



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