i’m trying this year, to not fill my wardrobe with impulse buys, but to invest in key pieces that i will wear everyday, either to work, to chill out at the weekend, dressed up or dressed down.  An oversized white shirt is definitely one of those pieces.  I got this shirt from urban Outfitters, it’s a thick cotton, so it’s a bit of a nightmare for creasing but apart from that it’s a great everyday staple to have in your wardrobe.  I’ve worn this guy loads, either dressed up with a nice pair of trousers and heels, or casual like it is here.  It’s not the only one i own as i’ve also got one from Zara that has pockets.  It’s the greatest thing ever.  I much prefer an oversized/boyfriend fit shirt to a short fitted shirt.  Fitted ones never feel very comfortable, they ride up and can be stiff and unflattering on me.  So i much prefer to get ones that essentially, don’t fit! I’ve had a wee look around and you can pick up some great shirts that are similar to this one from Asos and Urban Outfitters.  Pair either with a great leather trouser, blue or black jeans with boots or heels and you’ve got yourself a great outfit.  Suitable for just about anything!  I should also mention, that necklaces like this are perfect for wearing with your shirt buttoned up.  This one is old from Accessorize, but this one from Urban Outfitters is the dream!!!

What wardrobe staples do you have as a constant?  Is there anything you couldn’t live without?  Something you go to everyday?  Let me know, i’d love to see what everyone else deems good enough to live a lifetime in their wardrobe?

Sarah x 


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