So lets just address the elephant in the room right now.  Yes, I’m sitting on a fridge in the third photo.  I was strapped for photo locations that day, OK? 

So here we have Wardrobe Staples Pt II, the Leather Edition.  Most of the people i know will be well aware of my obsession for leather jackets! You, however, may not.  I love leather jackets, always have, always will.  It’s my mission in life to keep every single leather jacket I’ll ever own; to be passed on through generations like prized family jewels.  Some kids will get a fortune, mine will get tatty leather.  I made this resolution after I lost my first leather jacket to severe over-wearing.  Seriously, it was hanging to pieces, pockets ripped, zips broken…. I loved her too much.  But it finally became time to let her go when I was in London a few years ago.  It seemed like a nice place to let her go with a little bit of herself still intact! 

The jacket I’m wearing here, is very, very similar to the first one i ever owned.  It’s from TopShop and has little puncture holes up and down the sleeves, swede shoulders and sits just above your hips!  It’s my go-to jacket for everything, going out, nipping out for milk, heading to town…weddings?!  Yes, I wore it to a wedding.  But that’s the thing with leather, it’s so friggin’ versatile.   

I reckon everyone should own at least one leather in their lifetime.  They’re so iconic, and timeless.  Which is exactly why I’m planning on keeping mine forever.  

I do own another leather, from Whistles. And boy OH BOY is she a special thing.  Sheep skin lined, zips, buckles, everything you could want in the leather, and Holy crap is she soft!!  The next one I  plan to own is from All Saints, I love their leather jackets sooooo much.  They’re just so darn expensive.  Maybe one day when I’ve saved enough I could add another buttery dream to the collection.  Dub it an ‘Investment’ and everyone can move on.  It’s for my kids for Gods Sake!!! 

Thanks for reading. 

Sarah x 


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