I’d been looking around for a new palette so that i could try out a few new wedding make up ideas and since i already have all the other Urban Decay Palettes i figured that i really should have this one too.  Plus,  i had a good stock of points on my Debenhams Beauty Card.  

The On The Run palette is a limited edition palette added to the Urban Decay line late last year.  It’s designed to be travel friendly and easy to use when you need to create a look on the run….get it?!

The palette contains 6 eyeshadows, five small ones, and one big one to be used as a base and highlight for your eyes. And best thing, they are all brand new shades, so even if you do have all the other palettes, your guaranteed not to have these shades within them. 

There’s also a blush and bronzer combo, which is great.  the bronzer is really rich but not over powering, whilst the blush is a rosy pink perfect for highlighting your cheeks.  The mascara is a travel size version of the Urban Decay Perversion, which i’ve heard mixed reviews about.  Some people said it made their eye lashes clump as the brush was too big for their eyes.  But i didn’t find this at all.  I thought the mascara was great for giving my lashes length and body.  The eyeliner is a really great creamy brown, which goes on your top and bottoms lashes really easily.  I tend to shy away from pencil liners but having blue eyes, i found that brown is a lot less harsh than black along my bottom lashes.  

The lip gloss is a full size tube, also in a new shade.  Its nourishing and not sticky at all, glides on and has great staying power.  Its a great accompaniment to the rest of the palette as the shade compliments all the colours really well! Have any of you used this palette before?  What did you think? 

Sarah x  


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