I can’t be the only one thats more than a little obsessed with all the latest 70s trends hitting the shops this season?  I for one am positive i was born to late.  The guys over at Topshop are all over the 70s this season, with their, ‘Which 70s girl are you?’ Which is perfect for me, as i’m a HUGE fan of rocker Joan Jett and the Runaways, (have you guys seen the film?) Diane Keaton is also my most favourite actress and i’ve seen/own pretty much all her films.  And who couldn’t adore Stevie Nicks and Jane Birkin? All absolute power house women, individual styles and completely bad ass in their own way. 


I decided to take heed from these woman and embrace the time they lived in by creating my own 70s look.  I bought these flares from ASOS a while back, they’re Mango and are perfectly fared.  The only thing about them is that they come up quite big round the waist, but hey, that’s what belts are for!  The shirt is and old denim number from Topshop but i found a similar one here.  The belt is also Topshop, again similar one here, and the bag is from Urban Outfitters which is now in the SALE!!!

What about the 70s trend are you guys loving? If you’re totally digging it and looking for extra inspiration and you want to see a blogger that has this seasons trend down like no other, then head over to Pages by Megan and gaze in awe.  Im convinced she was built for the 70s!

Sarah x


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