So you might remember that in December last year, i took a little trip to London to meet with some of the lovely people at Upper Street Shoes, to design my own pair.  Well, the fruits of my labour are here.  Let me present to you my Sexy, Super Sassy, Cobalt Snake Skin and Pony boots.  

I am completely obsessed with them.  They are the greatest quality, so soft, so comfy and lets be honest, probably the sassiest pair of shoes i’ll ever own! They are made to measure, literally, and of the best quality leather, and i’ll be sure to take super good care of them.  

UpperStreet really know how to keep the special experience going, everything down to the box my shoes came in was gorgeous.  They even thought to add in some cushions for your heels and balls of your feet.  Along with a cute little shoe design key ring.  Adorable. 

I’ll be sure to do an outfit post soon, showing how i’m going to style these, and i can tell already i’m going to have so much fun doing so!

If you want to take a look at the shoes online for yourself, you can.  Just head over to Upper Street and have a wee swatch!  I can’t stress enough how amazing these shoes are.  Without a doubt the best pair i’ve ever owned.  So get on over to the site and join my Sassy shoe club! 

Sarah x 


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