“Being unafraid of not being liked, is the best way to be liked’

This has got to be my most favourite box yet.  I’m so glad it arrived before i moved, i was mid panic thinking that i’d miss it and would be reading other blogs kicking myself that i hadn’t changed my address in time.  BUT, here it is, February’s box.  The past boxes have all had seasonal themes, and this time i was expecting some sort of lovey dovy box covered in hearts and fluff.  However, as you can see, no hearts in sight.  This box was compiled by a guest to My Little Box, Ines De La Fressange, thee ultimate parisienne woman! Whom i am in love with slightly…slightly. 

I really like that even though this box is for UK-ers it stills stays true to the French roots from which is was produced.  Paris is one of my all time favourite places, and i’ve never even been.  There’s something about it that just speaks volumes to me, the people and their attitudes to life, love and fashion.  The fact that if you’ve displeased them, they can give you the two’s with just a look and instantly make you sorry you ever spoke.  The effortless chic-ness to it all it enviable,  God why am i so un cool?!?!

Anyway, back to the box.  This month brings us a lovely wee jar filled with little phrases to boost your mood, give you something to think about other than the trivial and motivate even the most de motivated of people.  I’m going to keep mine next to my bed, read one every morning, then maybe fill it up again with some of my own.  It’s a really cute gift idea too, if you were struggling with what to get someone for their birthday, i think making them one of these would be really nice. 

The beauty products again are on point this month.  Some nice blotting paper for oily skin, which as the weather starts to change i know most of us will have issues with.  First world problems, but when one minute you’re nursing a scabby nose, to the next having your make up run off it, is really quite stressful.  There’s also a brow wand from L’oreal which i’m sure will keep even the wildest of brows in check.  I never really pay much attention to where mine are on my face so this will be a nice little addition to the make-up routine.  The eyeliner is from Terry and it’s glit.ter.ray.  I’ve never seen an eye liner like this before, but i think it’s great.  Wanting an extra bit of va-va-voom on a night out but your regular liner wont cut the mustard?  Check this one out, it has silvery specs running through the black so outlines your eyes with a bit extra sparkle.  And once you’ve taken all that off your face, you can get to work using the Embellisseur which will brighten up your complextion and give you a nice make up free parisian look.  

Isn’t the phone case cute? I’ve been meaning to get something to protect my screen for a while now, since i chipped the last one off so this has come at just the right time.  The little tie means that you can pull the phone out easily too.  Just don’t pull too fast, we all know where that will lead.  

So, if you haven’t subscribed to My Little Box yet, i really don’t know what you’re waiting for.  Get it done, it’s a grand ol’ thing to get every month.  

Sarah x 


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