He’ll deny it, but Calum has been at me to feature him on the blog since i started.  So i thought what better way to introduce my other half than with my first ‘His and Hers’ post.  If all goes well, i might keep them as a permanent feature, assuming Calum doesn’t get camera shy and changes his mind!


We had updated a few of the things in Calum’s wardrobe, reducing the hoodies, fleece coats and chinos, and adding nice sweaters, jeans and coats.  His life as a joiner is currently dormant, so he’s got no excuse for harbouring his ‘work’ clothes.  We decided that the photos i took on the beach the other day came out rather well, so decided we would take Poppy and Ellie back for a walk and have a shot at getting some good pics of the two of us, coincidentally, looking rather similar. 

Calum’s Coat, Striped top and Jeans are all from ASOS.  We had a bit of a haul right before Christmas while he was away offshore, firing links of various items back and forth to one and another, and when he got home, there was a nice package waiting for him.  Must have been nice 😉


I’m wearing my Zara Jeans, ASOS Pea Coat, also featured here. and a grey cashmere jumper form Edinburgh Woolen Mill.  I don’t think i’ll ever be ready to give up my jumpers, even when it does start to get warmer, which at the minute, it feels like it never will!  I finished the outfit with my Dr Martens, this HUGE scarf from Zara and my Fedora.
Do you ever match up with your other half?  Think it’s too much or looks good? Do tell…
Sarah x 


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