Jacket- Levis at Urban Outfitters // Jeans- BDG at Urban Outfitters // Shirt- Old, similar at Urban Outfitters
Shoes- Upper Street c/o 

So some might think that i’ve taken this whole denim situation a little far… you may be right. But what the hell, i might look like i’ve stepped straight out of the Cheers bar, or Levis threw up on me but  I like it. I was playing about with some bits in my wardrobe, styling up my new babies (Aka My UpperStreet Shoes) and decided that to give them the full attention they deserve, the outfit had to pretty plain, with not a lot of anything else happening.  And a full denim outfit fits the bill! Plus, i wanted an excuse to try it all together to see if triple denim really was 2too much! What do you think? Gone a  bit over board or is it doable? 

-a,2.-I headed back into St Andrews to take these shots, down the scores towards East Sands.  I really am going to miss having the seaside on my door step, it is so handy and so beautiful on days like today.  Don’t let that blue sky fool you though, it might have been clear and sunny, but it was a bloody freezing -3 degrees when i got into my car.  That. I will not miss.  But I’m starting to really look forward to the lighter nights of Spring, and hopefully some warmer weather.  But who am i kidding, it’ll be July before it’s even above 10 degrees here. 

I really am totally in love with these shoes, and i’ve been dying to show them to you for weeks and weeks! Now that they are finally here, i apologise in advance for them popping up here, there and everywhere.  But i can’t help it, they’re like a little extension of me… on my foot, making my otherwise hobbit-like feet feel Sassy! 

Sarah x 


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