Just a quick one this morning, cos today is my Birthday… I’m the grand old age of 26, also known as the wrong side of 25.   I’m just about to leave for work and head into Edinburgh for some meetings, no rest for the wicked!.  I’m sure i’ll manage to get some birthday themed posts together if i’ve been lucky and i get something nice, but i wont find that out till tonight.  Oh the suspense! Hopefully there’s lots of cake/scones/shortbread too.  

Anyway, back to the main point here, which, surprise, surprise is another denim item.  I really need help.  This one is from ASOS, it’s pretty light weight so will be good for wearing through the spring and summer too.  I think you could get away with wearing this with trousers underneath and not just tights.  Maybe a nice pair or tartan leggings or something?  I did plan on wearing a grey cardigan with this dress.  But i forgot it, subsequently meaning i almost froze to death. 

Right, duty calls. Hope you all have a great Tuesday!! 

Sarah x 


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